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Kama Fitness was created with the idea of Community in Mind. Our studio is dedicated to creating a feeling of both inner and outer strength, empowerment, and connection. We believe your workouts should be FUN, and not something you have to “get through.” Our thousands of clients are a testament to how much fun , beauty, and strength can be achieved through Aerial, Yoga, and a well rounded fitness program. 

We primarily offer aerial fusion classes that increase strength, balance, endurance, and feeling good in your own body. Many of our students enjoy the freedom, creativity, and beauty that is possible with aerial fitness. 

A couple of details about us: 

We are the only aerial silks studio that guarantees every client gets their own fabric for the entire class. Our Silks are freshly washed regularly, and you get to enjoy the luxury of having your own fabric for the entire class. 

All of our instructors are trained to spot, support, and guide you through your Aerial Fitness in carefully selected progressions so that you will learn PROPER and SAFE Form in all your movement and technique. 

Because we teach in such an intimate and safe setting with a carefully crafted Curriculum, we strongly advise you to reserve your spot online.

What We Offer

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Aerial Fitness

Aerial Fitness is a unique workout that challenge the body like never before! Using silk fabric hung 15 feet in the air, learn to climb, wrap, and move while having fun and building strength and confidence. We also offer classes using trapeze, lyra, and sling or hammock.

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Yoga & Pilates

We believe everyone should Love their Workouts! Offering a unique blend of aerial fitness classes in Split Silks, Hammock, Yoga, Pilates, Circuit Training, and POUND - Kama Fitness takes your fitness to a new level in our state of the art facility located in Southern New Hampshire.

Self Care

At Kama we believe in balance. Enjoy private lessons for yourself or with a friend or more, in Yoga, Aerial, or go deeper with Energy Sessions with our Spiritual Counselor, Shasta Winn. You can also book a Reiki or Access Bars session on the Bio Mat with Karlene.

Treat Yourself!

Safety is always first as we help students of all ages discover fun ways of getting fit and enjoying movement in their bodies.

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