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**Please note all classes require pre-registration so that everyone is guaranteed their own silk and equipment**

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New Students

At Kama Fly Fitness, it is important for us to ensure that our students are safe. As a new student at Kama we want to set you up for success by starting you at an appropriate level.

What classes to start with: 
You are eligible to start with any of our introduction classes. These include, Aerial Silks Intro, Trapeze/Lyra Intro, Yoga, Acro-Tumbling, and Bungee Fitness. If you have Aerial experience with another studio, please email kama.frontdesk@gmail.com to discuss your abilities and get permission to reserve for a higher level class.

What to wear and what to bring:
Not only is it important to be comfortable in class, we also want you to be protected. We suggest wearing tops that cover your armpits and bottoms that cover the majority of your legs to avoid fabric burns. Please wear flexible workout attire. You may wear socks but it is not required. We do have refreshments available for purchase at the studio, but we encourage you to bring your own water. Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes early.

Late Cancellation Policy:
At Kama Fly Fitness, we allow one late cancellation free of charge. After your first late cancellation, you will be charged a $15 cancellation fee as this effects our instructors planning and students who have been waitlisted for the class. Please try to cancel your reservation at least 12 hours prior to class starting. By doing this you avoid a fee, our instructors can make adjustments, and a different student can fill in your spot. If you have to cancel last minute due to an emergency, please email kama.frontdesk@gmail.com otherwise you will be charged and lose your class pass for that class.

You are able to reserve a spot on our waitlist for a class that is already full. We encourage you to do this as spots open up in class all the time. If a student drops a class and you are first on the waitlist, you will be bumped into class and notified via email. If you no longer wish or cannot attend the class, you will need to log into Zen Planner and remove yourself. Please check in daily to see if spots open up as multiple can become available.