At Kama Fly Fitness we host speciality events like Dance Trapeze, Rope, Partner Silks, Hammock Flow, and Big Drops workshops.Stay informed on events and workshops by following us on social media or by asking to be added to our Newsletter list.


Dance Trapeze: All Levels, but no beginners please! Come join Renee for a fun time on a trapeze that spins. During this class you will spin, make pretty poses and shapes, all while on the metal bar we all know and love.

Rope: *Geared toward Level 1.5 and up Students*
Have a strong silks practice, but want to try something a little bit different? Come play on Cord! We will focus on things that can be taken back to your silk practice and get your aerial theory brains firing! Taking requests for strength-based skills that you want to work on specifically, but we will touch on: climbing, control, and dynamic movements. Must be able to: put a foot lock on in the air, hip key in the air, and invert.

Partner Silks: Fly with a friend or significant! Grab a friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend and come hang for an hour exploring shapes and poses with a partner! The person singing up must be a current student at the studio, and be in level 1 or higher.

Hammock Flow: In this workshop, we will explore a variety of skills and transitions or pathways connecting them. Selecting the movements that make the most sense to their body, students will create their own version of the sequence. We will then take time to explore the sequence they have chosen and how music impacts their movement.

Big Drops: **Available to level 2 and 3 students ONLY. Must be able to comfortably do star drops, 360’s, and slack drops***
During this workshop we will be taking drops to new heights! In the gorgeous space at A Dance Vision by Nicole we will be re-visiting drops learned at Kama and spicing them up a bit! We will also be learning fun new drops, as well as sequencing drops together! Last 15 minutes will be spent in black light! Sign up for a fun, challenging class!
Where: A Dance Vision by Nicole in Kingston NH, 03848.